Rolltisserie Long Trailer

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    • List Price $13,255
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    • Fully automatic, gas-fired, wood burning assist, self basting rotisserie system with digital thermostat control 
    • Trailer mounted with Aluminum wheels and Radial tires
    • Extended 18" trailer with Stainless Steel wet or dry storage box
    • All 304 stainless steel construction
    • Digital temperature control - 140F to 300F
    • 65,000 BTU LP gas burner
    • Rotisserie shut off, air door switch (automatically stops the rotisserie/shuts the oven down when the oven doors are open)
    • Rotisserie advance air switch (allows you to rotate the food racks when the doors are open)
    • 4 - two level food racks, the top rack is removable for larger items
    • 4 - chicken spits included (holds up to 12 spits)
    • Ash scoop and ash scoop handle for removing hot ashes from the firebox
    • Retractable Tongue to maximize storage space
    • Stainless Steel LP Tank Enclosure
    • Right Side Display Panel for company Logo or Favorite athletic team
    • LED Trailer light package
    • 3 Shelf Set
    • UL listed
    • cUL listed (Canada)
    • Classified EPH for Sanitation with UL

  • Please go to Downloads, Spec Sheet for Dimensions
    • Extended Long Trailer (18")
    • Uses standard 2" ball hitch
    • Retractable towing tongue
    • Locking caster jack 
    • Stainless steel trailer with red fenders
    • 900 lb. axle
    • 15" Aluminum wheels, radial tires
    • 2 -20lb LP tanks w/Crossover value and regulator

  • Single replacement chicken spit
  • Set of 4 Chicken spits
  • Set of 8 Chicken spits
  • Spare Umbrella
  • Bimini Top
  • Hickory logs (50 lb. box)
  • Hickory wood blocks (24 piece boxes)
  • 28 oz. shaker of Premium Blend Seasoning
  • 6 pack of 28 oz. shakers of Premium Blend Seasoning
  • 24 oz. shaker of Rib Rub
  • 6 pack of 24 oz. shakers of Rib Rub

  • 200 lbs of Pork Butts (7-8 lb butts)
  • 96 lbs of Prime Rib
  • 48 3-lb Chickens (using all 12 chicken spits)
  • 16 sides of Baby Back Ribs 
  • 40-lbs of Chicken Wings 
  • 112 lbs of Beef Brisket (11-14 lb)
  • 64 1/4-lb Hamburgers 
  • 160 Hotdogs
  • 64 Pork Chops
  • 32 Steaks
  • 8 Turkeys or Hams (bottom rack only)
  • Also great for cooking beans, vegetables, corn on the cob, potatoes, lobster, shrimp, fish, shellfish and more!

    All capacities are subject to loading preference

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Pricing Information

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Shipping Information and Options

Contract Freight by Southern Pride Contract Driver

All oven deliveries by Southern Pride Contract Driver to include delivery to specific “ship to” address and set in place (if accessible) and permanent legs installed only. Delivery charges based on loaded one way mileage to customer location from Southern Pride’s factory in Alamo, TN. Due to continued fluctuation of fuel prices, you must call the factory for a delivery quote.

Customer is responsible for Gas, Electric and Venting Hookups.

Common Carrier

Unless otherwise stated, Southern Pride will assign a Freight Company to deliver to specific “ship to” address. Freight charges will be prepaid and added.

A crating charge will be added. (See price list for crating charge for specific model.) Customer is responsible for receiving, unloading and setting the oven in place and for Gas, Electric, and Venting Hookups.

Customer arranged freight

Customer would be responsible for making all arrangements for a Freight Company to pick the oven up at Southern Pride’s factory in Alamo, TN and for all freight charges.

A crating charge will be added. (See price list for crating charge for specific model.) Customer is also responsible for receiving and unloading the oven and for Gas, Electric, and Venting Hookups.

Customer pick up at Southern Pride Factory in Alamo, TN

Southern Pride will set oven on Customers trailer only. It is the customer’s responsibility to secure oven on their trailer.

Any additional services provided by Southern Pride would be at a rate of $75.00 per man hour plus material.

At customer’s option, the oven would be stretch wrapped for a charge of $75.00.

Customer is responsible for any freight damage, unloading and setting the oven in place and for Gas, Electric, and Venting Hookups.

Lift Gate Delivery

Lift gate delivery is available only for the Electric Models and requested when order is placed.