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Southern Pride SRG-400 Operation and Maintenance

Operation, maintenance and cleaning instructions for Southern Pride model SRG-400

Southern Pride WFC 2015 recap

Southern Pride highlights from the 2015 World Food Championship in Kissimmee, FL!

Famous Dave loves Southern Pride Smokers!

Famous Dave Anderson has been a long time customer of Southern Pride BBQ Pits and Smokers.

Genuine BBQ by Southern Pride

Southern Pride BBQ Pits and Smokers provide authentic flavored BBQ without the labor of maintaining an open pit. The rotisserie system ensures the product is continuously basted to produce a tender and juicy BBQ creation.

YieldKing YK200 Sales Video

Convenient, compact and easy to use, YieldKing ovens are designed and built to make your life simpler - so easy and efficient to use that even a kitchen rookie can operate it successfully. With 40 different menu presets available there is absolutely no guesswork. The YieldKing YK-200 gives you the ability to create unique signature dishes using both the smoker to infuse flavor with exotic woods and herbs as well as with the steamer using juices, wines and spirits along with water to impart additional layers of unique essences to your product.

YieldKing 100A

Cleaning 5/5

YieldKing 100A

Operation 4/5

YieldKing 100A

Controls 3/5

YieldKing YK100A

How to Use Your YieldKing Cooking Controls 1/5

YieldKing 100A

Basic Features 2/5

Southern Pride - SP series - Maintenance video. 6/7

Module 6: How to perform maintenance your oven.

Southern Pride - SP series - Cooking video 5/7

How to properly load the oven with product.

Southern Pride - SP series - Cleaning your smoker. 7/7

Module 7: How to clean your oven.

Southern Pride - SP series - Smoker Features. 4/7

Module 4: SP Series Features: All Stainless Steel Construction, Convection Fan Blade Access Door, Digital Roast and Hold Control, Smoke Extractor w/ removable flue for cleaning, UL listed, NSF listed, front or rear flue option for more ventilation solution, leveling legs, pneumatic foot switch.

Southern Pride - SP series - Smoker start up. 3/7

Module 3: Starting up your oven.

Southern Pride - SP series - before the smoker arrives. 1/7

Module 1: Before the oven arrives. Delivery and installation. Ventilation and gas hook up.

Southern Pride SC200 & DH 65 Cooking & maintenance video.

Southern Pride SC200 (Smoke Chef 200) and DH-65 (Dinner House 65). Cooking, cleaning and maintenance video.