All ventilation systems must be installed in accordance with local codes.  Always consult with local code officials and a licensed commercial kitchen ventilation contractor prior to order placement and ventilation.  


Mobile Ovens

Not applicable.


Electric Oven

Must be installed under a Type 1 Canopy Hood rated for commercial cooking applications.


Gas Ovens

There are three ventilation options offered subject to your application/installation. 

Option 1 - VSP (Ventilation Southern Pride) 
Option 2 - Direct vent using mechanical damper and smoke extractor fan.
Option 3 - Canopy hood.

Important VSP Vent Hood Information for Gas smoker Series Ovens

Items to be considered prior to installation of the BBQ Oven and Hood.

  1. Determine where your new Southern Pride BBQ Oven will be installed; make sure that there will be adequate room around the smoker to maintain the minimum clearance requirements. Refer to the oven specification sheet for these dimensions. Also make sure that the location chosen will allow for a short straight route for the exhaust duct.
  2. Consult with a ventilation contractor and the local code officials having jurisdiction to determine if there are any special code requirements that need to be addressed. Have the oven specification sheet and these information pages with you, for reference, during the consultation. Note: The hood is UL Listed and it is listed specifically for use with Southern Pride BBQ Ovens. UL file numbers for the oven and the hood are supplied on the hood systems parts page.
  3. Position the oven and hood assembly so that the exhaust duct run will be as short and straight as possible. A straight duct with no elbows is preferred. Note: Exhaust ducts with more than 1 Р90° elbow or longer than 10 feet may require a larger exhaust fan and special electrical connections, please consult factory.
  4. Typically when the installation will be through the wall and the VSP Hood is being used, the hood should be ordered with a rear exhaust port.
  5. The room the oven and hood will be installed in will need to have an adequate make up air system to handle the additional demand of the VSP hood system. The exhaust fan will pull approximately 1,320 CFM on low speed, while oven is cooking and approximately 2,000 CFM on high speed when the meat doors are open for loading or unloading product. Caution: excessive negative or positive air pressure can have an adverse effect on the performance of the BBQ oven and the hood. Note: The majority of the time the system is in operation the fan will be on low speed, high speed is only used while the meat doors are open for loading and unloading.
  6. The power connection for the exhaust fan is at the electrical junction box located on the rear of the BBQ oven. The oven supplies power for the exhaust fan, (no additional power supply is required for the exhaust fan.) Note: If an exhaust fan larger than the standard fan is required, the power supply may not be adequate from the BBQ oven and special wiring may be necessary.
  7. The power outlet for the oven and hood system should have an on-off switch to turn off the hood fan and oven during non use periods. If not, there is no way to turn the hood off and the exhaust fan will run on low even when the oven is in idle or off.
  8. Caution: If power is turned off to the oven and hood system while there is burning wood in the firebox, smoke could escape into the room. Open firebox door and remove wood and ashes from the firebox prior to powering down the system. Store wood and ashes in a sealed metal container. Close firebox door and open meat doors to evacuate smoke from the oven, once smoke has been evacuated, close meat door and power down the system.