Electric Oven Series

Standard Southern Pride electric ovens have a range up to a moderate smoke (light to medium). We added a 2nd wood chip box for heavy smoke applications. The amount of smoke changes the overall flavor profile.

The same applies to the exterior appearance of cooked products. Utilizing only one wood chip box will produce a lighter appearance than using both wood chip boxes.

The electric models do not produce a "smoke ring" as is typical with our gas fired ovens. The meat directly under the exterior surface is brown. This may or may not be a factor in your selection of which type of oven you select.

Southern Pride electric series ovens do not have rotisseries, therefore the ovens are generally smaller and take up less space in your kitchen.

The electric series is a great choice to add popular barbecue items to you menu and will also allow for the preparation of "cold smoked" items such as salmon or block cheese.

Take a look at our popular Smoke Chef oven, the SC-200-SM. It's a great choice for restaurants, menu add-ons, growing catering firms, convenience stores and supermarkets. And while you're here, check out the Dinner House Rib Smoker, our DH-65 model, an equally remarkable and versatile oven. 

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