Klema Hometown Super Market

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Good Morning!

Well, just thought I would let you know.

8 weeks, 38% increase in sales, in the deli over last year.

This is way too easy?

Had a guy tell me the other day that I missed my calling and I should open a restaurant....I just smiled (knowing its not me at all...its the smoker)

Pulled the smoker through the 4th of july parade Saturday morning, smoking. Took 8 slabs of ribs cut them up and put one rib in a snack size ziplock and threw them to the moms and dads at the parade...BIG hit.

Sold 176 slabs of ribs last week...130 of them on Friday and Saturday...we were sold out by noon on Saturday.

8 weeks, Smoker is now paid for.


Jon Birky - Klema Hometown Market
Store Manager/Owner